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Armed Citizen Training often receives commendations for practical training at all levels.

Here are sample endorsements, some from those new to firearms and some from those already trained in advanced self defense tactics:

  • Rebecca: "It gives me great pleasure to recommend Scott Jenkins of Armed Citizen’s for fire arms training.   I have taken the Women’s hand gun class with Scott, as well as their home security seminar.  Upon the completion of these training classes I was able to achieve a level of confidence to feel both safe and comfortable while handling a pistol.   Our “Ladies Night Out” class had a variety of interest levels and purposes it was both educational and fun.  I recommend Armed Citizen’s with enthusiasm, and when given the opportunity, will retain their services again for further training."

  • Sandown PD Chief Joseph Gordon:

    July 1, 2013
    Recognition to;
    Scott Jenkins of Armed Citizen Training
       Derek Dutton
    of Battle Axe Tactical

    Dear Scott and Derek,

    We the members of the Sandown Police Department want to thank you for your efforts in providing your expertise in the field of weaponry and taking your personal time to come in and speak to the Sandown Board of Selectmen on our behalf.

    It is truly my sincere appreciation to have you, Scott and your group of experts to go to when we are in need of training, field experience and range time.

    Joseph Gordon
    Chief of Police

  • Richard:  "Scott understands his students and can truly teach anyone, regardless of their skill level. Scott teaches in a way that encourages the student to perform and makes the principles he wants to transfer easy to understand. He understands firearms and equipment design and what the good guys really need to have on their guns and gear."

  • Joseph:  "Scott helped me acquire the knowledge and skills I need to protect my family. Scott understands that everyone learns differently so he customizes his approach to meet the individual needs of his client. Beginner, intermediate and advanced training is available. He trains law enforcement professionals and soccer moms. I trust him with my life."

  • Taylor: "Scott, Thank you so much for such a great class yesterday.  I can't wait for Emily to take the course. It has inspired me to take other classes and become more experienced.  Thanks again!"

  • Linda:  "Thanks for helping me yesterday.   I feel more comfortable with my new concealed carry gun.  Considering that I woke up this morning to hear one of those guys that bombed the marathon is running loose in Boston, I am thankful to have the ability to defend myself. I hope never to use it."

  • Amanda:  "Thanks for a great class yesterday!! We definitely learned a lot!"

  • Lawrence: "Just finished the basic firearms safety course at Armed Citizen Training LLC.   I am amazed at how knowledgeable Scott is about laws and safety.  There is nothing he doesn't touch base about, I have been LTC for over 30 years and the stuff that I learned in the 6 hours I was there will have a giant impact on the way I view firearms and the safety of my family and my surroundings.  I would recommend this safety course to anybody, even if you choose not to own a firearm, just the knowledge to learn of your surroundings and awareness.  Thank you as always Scott, you will be highly recommended."

Be pro-active.

Be confident. 

Train Hard, Be Safe. 

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A.C.T. training extends beyond the courses.  You are welcome to call or send questions after your course ends.  


A.C.T. specializes in a comprehensive home defense strategy.   After you attend our NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home class, you can contract with Scott to develop a customized home defense strategy.   He can coach you on perceived home defense strengths, weaknesses, and options for improvement.


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