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  NRA  Personal  Protection  Inside  The  Home *

  NRA  Personal  Protection  Outside  The  Home *
  NRA  Advanced  Personal  Protection  Outside  Home  *
  NRA  Basic  Pistol *
  NRA  Basic  Rifle
  NRA  Home  Firearm  Safety *

  Massachusetts License To Carry *
  Ladies  Only  Handgun

  Ladies  Personal  Protection

  College Preparatory
   LaserShot Judgemental Training

  Defensive Shotgun

  Defensive Carbine

  Defensive Home Strategies
  Private Custom Courses optimize time investment

* Courses accepted by the Massachusetts State Police for LTC (License to Carry) applications.

By pre-registering there is NO OBLIGATION.   We collect contact info and correlate interest in specific courses.   When we actually schedule a specific course, we will send an e-mail alert to everyone who has expressed enough interest to pre-register.

Pre-registration does not guarantee you a seat in any course, but it will provide you with an early notice e-mail alert when your couse is scheduled.   You will still have to formally register and call or send in your registration deposit money before attending the course.

Your contact information provided will not be given to any other party, but we may occasionally send you relevant notices or flyers.

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Train Hard, Be Safe. 

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A.C.T. self-defense training courses are offered for never tried before, brand new, and experienced shooters.


We provide classes for firearms students seeking qualification to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun.   A.C.T. staff all have significant levels of experience in understanding and presenting all facets of these responsibilities. 

If you choose to carry a firearm for self-protection and the protection of others, you must demand that your instruction be as thorough and accurate as possible. Here at  A.C.T.  we maintain those high standards.



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